Blue Dog Dev

Practical Design, Brilliant Results

I design functional, no nosense web sites for individuals, businesses, and organizations. I strive to understand the needs of each customer and match the end product to those requirements providing a custom tailored experience that gets the job done. I base each design on three vital principles:

Simplicity First

We're all used to the speed, ease and convenience that the Internet provides, so why would someone stifle its best features with an unnecessarily complex design? I try to keep the development of a client's site as simple and to the point as the source material allows. I've found many individuals and small businesses may not require more than a single, well organized page. My designs are clear, concise and will get your visitors where they need to go without frustration.

Responsive Design

For the longest time, developers would put together sites that looked great on desktops and then call it done. Almost half of all web traffic today is mobile-based which means new techniques are required for a new age of smartphones and devices. Responsive design allows for a website to change and scale to match the device viewing it. There should be no zooming in, zooming out or other unnecessary steps. My designs are just as intuitive to use on your smartphone as they are to use on your desktop computer.


Lastly, a design can be both simple and responsive while still presenting great visual appeal. Artistic and professional design is the glue which binds the other principles together to create not only a website that is functional but leaves a lasting positive impression with visitors. A drab, characterless website that doesn't stand out will quickly be forgotten. My designs promise uniqueness and visual appeal that won't be easily forgotten.

Empress EMS
Empress is a major emergency medical services provider located in the city of Yonkers, New York. Their site has gone through several major evolutions over the years before settling on their current responsive design. The site integrates social media and news feeds to provide continuous activity and updates. They needed it to be versatile enough to cater to a variety of visitors including current agency employees, potential future employees and those they have served in the community in their time of need.
Wichita HOT
The Wichita HOT Fire School is an annual, non-profit, training event that provides low-cost, high-quality training to firefighters throughout the region. Their site balances the need for heavy social media integration, the presentation of their schedule, classes, instructors, sponsors, and means of registering for the event. It does this in a clean and organized fashion while keeping the overall size of the site relatively compact.
The Wichita Firefighters Relief Association is a not-for-profit organization that provides financial aid to local firefighters and helps cover them in the event of injury. With a focused audience, the WFRA did not require an extremely complex design. On the contrary, a simple, to the point page with clearly laid out information makes navigation very easy. It includes social media integration, an event calendar for their members, links to the organization's forms and a basic gallery of items available for purchase at their office.
The Air Capital Pool League is an organization for billiards competition in Wichita, Kansas. With over four hundred players looking to find their personal stats or next match up, the ACPL website needed to be fully featured but easy to navigate. Their original web site of thirty plus pages was neatly condensed to a single, well laid out one. The design was given a modern, yet classy look with a broader appeal than its predecessor. As with all my designs, it is fully responsive for maximum compatibility.
Knapp Weaponry
Knapp Weaponry LLC is a federally licensed firearms shop, range, and training center located in Wichita, Kansas. As a small business with a very specific set of offerings, they needed a basic website that loads fast, looks appealing to their customers, and get them to the information they're looking for quickly. The site is divided into 4 small pages with widgets for social media, signing up for training classes, and driving directions. It is responsive through 3 sizes with the smallest being a mobile specific format.
Fire Dog Leatherworks
Fire Dog Leatherworks is a small business that provides custom leather work for firefighters. Their products are handcrafted and in demand by the men and women who use them in the line of duty, every day. The design incorporates social media for quick and easy client updates, a compact script for product examples, and a full explanation of their services without using multiple pages.
Javen Brown Construction
Javen Brown Construction LLC is a home improvement and general contracting business serving Sedgwick County, Kansas. This design is a very good example of how some companies can be well served with a single page design that acts as a virtual business card to their clients. It provides information on their services, some examples of their work and how to get in contact with them for estimates. This meets their needs while avoiding any unnecessary clutter that many small business web sites fall victim to.
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